10 Steps You Need to Know to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Hanging Up

Dear friends, mobile phones are now a part of our lives. We can't live without our phones, even for a second. From our phones, we can chat with friends online, call them, and send them the news, songs, videos, files, and tickets for the train, buses, planes, and movies, among other things. You can also do online shopping from your phone. When our mobile stops working, there's nothing we can do about it. Our phone becomes HANG. Today I'll share some helpful hints for avoiding mobile phone hanging.

hanging mobile

1) Disable Cache Memory

When you use a browser, app, or game, the data it generates is saved in the cache memory. The more cache data there is, the slower your phone gets. To clear the cache memory, go to Settings and open the Application Manager. Click on it to clear the cache. The mobile phone can also be saved from HANG.

2) Keep mobile devices updated.

Keep your phone up-to-date. Mobile companies tell us to update our old phones, so we should do it simultaneously. To do this, go to Settings, About Phone, Software, and then update the software. This will stop the phone from ringing. goes to

(3) Close any apps that are running in the background.

The majority of applications continue to run in the background. We should stop using it. Stop it.

(4) Save the application to the memory card

If your phone's internal memory is limited, saving all apps to the memory card will prevent the phone from hanging.

(5) Store things on a memory card.

The memory card can hold photos, MP3s, video songs, documents, files, etc. This keeps the phone from getting stuck.
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(6) Get virus protection apps.

This app lets you see everything on your phone and delete viruses and junk files.

7) Use cloud storage.

You can back up files and folders on your phone that you don't use very often to the cloud. To use cloud storage, you need to be connected to the internet and create an account. Google Drive, DropBox, and other similar services are examples of cloud storage.

(8) Revert to factory settings

The fix for mobile HANG is to reset the factory data. Make a copy of the data before you reset the phone.

(9) Would you like more RAM on your smartphone?

When purchasing a new smartphone, the RAM should be at least 1 GB.

(10) Don't use more than one virus scanner.

We keep a better antivirus on our phones in case we need to use it. Isake hi jyada jyada mobile hang ho jata hai. I think that you should use the antivirus software that came with the phone.