Best 4 Finger Claw BGMI (PUBG) Mobile Layout

Let's start by talking about what the 4-finger claw technique is. It's a standard way for mobile gamers to control the game. They use four fingers to do this, which lets them react faster and aim more accurately. Usually, four buttons on the layout are used to move, aim, and shoot.


4 Finger Claw BGMI

Now, let's break down the layout that's recommended:


1. Left thumb: Movement

You move with your left thumb, which lets you move your character around the map. Most of the time, this button is at the bottom left of the screen.


2. Left index finger: Crouch/Prone button

You can crouch or go flat with your left index finger. This lets you take cover and hide from enemies. This button is usually close to the button that allows your character to move, making it easy to use while still moving your character.


3. Right thumb: Aim and shoot

You use your right thumb to aim and shoot, which is one of the essential parts of the game. Most of the time, this button is at the bottom right of the screen.


4. Right index finger: Scope-in button

By using your right index finger to "scope in," you can aim more accurately. This button is usually close to the aim and shoot button, making it easy to reach while still being able to aim and shoot.


Jump, Reload, and Grenade buttons can be added to the layout. But it's important to remember that too many buttons can make the screen look cluttered and hard to play. Stick to the most critical functions and only add extra buttons if necessary.


It's essential to consider your hands' size and shape when setting up your layout. You want the buttons to be in a natural and comfortable place, so you can play for a long time without getting tired or feeling pain. In the game's settings, you can change the size and location of the buttons to make the layout fit your needs.


4 Finger Claw BGMI

When it comes to finger layouts, there are three main kinds:

• Thumb set up with two fingers.

• Claws with three fingers.

• Claws with four fingers.

Today, I'll tell you about the best four-finger claw BGMI mobile layout.


1. Camera Sensitivity Settings


In Battlegrounds Mobile India, this sensitivity is about the camera angle when a player swipes their screen without shooting.

• Third Person (TPP), No Scope: 120-150%.

• First Person (FPP), No Scope: 100-160%.

• Holographic red dot: 70%-100%.

• 2x Scope: 70-100%.

• 3x Scope: 20-30%.

• 4x Scope: 15-20%.

• 6x Scope: 10-15%.

• 8x Scope: 5-10%


2. ADS sensitivity settings


When a player zooms in on an opponent to kill them, the ADS sensitivity settings come into play.

• TPP No scope: 80-100%.

• FPP No scope: 70-100%.

• Aim Assist, Red Dot, Holographic: 50–70%.

• 2x Scope: 30-60%.

• 3x Scope: 30-50%.

• 4x Scope: 25-30%.

• 6x Scope: 20-25%.

• 8x Scope: 10-15%


3. Gyroscope sensitivity settings


Players who are used to using the gyroscope sensor in Battlegrounds Mobile India will want to use these settings.

• No 3rd Person (TPP): 250–350%.

• 1st Person (FPP) with no scope: 200-300%.

• Holographic red dot: 350–400%.

• 2x Scope: 250-400%.

• 3x Scope: 250-350%.

• 4x Scope: 200-250%.

• 6x Scope: 50-150%.

• 8x Scope: 60-120%


Overall, the best 4-finger claw layout for BGMI mobile feels natural and comfortable. Try different designs and make any changes you need to find the one that fits your playing style best.